Saturday, January 21, 2017

Analthrone - The Gathering of Unholy Filth

I'd seen the tape version of this compilation on Discogs and the Metal Archives, but I never knew it was released on CD as well until I found a copy on ebay. I was kind of hype about it tbh
Anyway, this comp collects all of Analthrone's pre-2010 split material, plus the 2006 demo. As far as I know, Analthrone appeared on just two more splits after this before more or less ceasing to exist. Drew remained active in Diseased Oblivion with Steve Pekari for a few years beyond that, but I have no idea what he's up to now, if anything. If anyone who sees this happens to know and would like to tell me, I'm pretty curious.
I originally wanted to separate each track into the individual songs that comprise it before posting this, but once I tried I found that there are many instances where it's impossible to tell where one song ends and another begins, so I gave up on that pretty quickly. I figure maybe that's why this was released without the songs split up in the first place.