Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thanatoseptis / Diseased Oblivion

I finally got Soulseek a week ago after being curious about it for ages, and let me tell you, I did not regret it. I downloaded like 40 releases that day, several of which were things I'd never been able to find downloads for on the regular internet, and one of them was this split. This was released back in 2009 and limited to 100 copies, so as you can imagine, it's pretty hard to find at this point. Bobby Maggard did have a copy for sale in his distro about a year ago and I'm still upset at myself for not buying it.

I wonder what ever happened to Drew Kestle. There's been no activity from any of his projects (the ones I'm aware of, at least) in a few years now, it seems.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Arthropox / Gruesome Toilet

I'm reposting this from The fast times of noisecore, the short-lived blog that James Tarr (RIP) ran. There are a few Mediafire links on there that miraculously still work, but the majority of the stuff was posted on Rapidshare, so naturally those are long gone. I downloaded several of the things he posted before they were lost (but not all, to my eternal regret), so I may repost them here. Here's one, at any rate. 
It's well known that Gruesome Toilet is Steve Embryo, but I think Arthropox is a bit more obscure. It shouldn't be hard to guess that Steve Pekari and Ray Rivera are the ones responsible for that project though, as it sounds like a combination of each individual's distinctive style. This isn't the greatest quality rip, honestly, but it's best most of us are likely to ever get to hear. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

No Life Matters - All My Heroes Kill Cops

All right, I know I said I was mostly going to stick with goregrind and gorenoise in my subsequent posts, but here's another HNW release. It's a little over an hour of noise divided into three distinct tracks. I can only imagine the extent of the hearing damage that surely occurred during the recording of this album. Download if you like HNW and/or hate cops.
No Life Matters is a project of the dude that runs GCP Tapes & Noise, an awesome Portland-based label. I'm including relevant links for GCP and No Life Matters, so please consider checking them out and ordering something from the label if you're able and see anything you're interested in.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vomitoma - Procreation of Putridity

Four minutes of newish Vomitoma! This was recorded in November 2015 and released in December through Running Through the Blood Productions. I believe copies are still available from the label, and there are probably a handful of other sellers that have it too. At any rate, RTTB is one of the best gorenoise labels that's come into existence in recent years and is definitely deserving of your support.

In other news, I think I'm going to stop writing anything more than an absolute bare-bones description when it comes to doing these posts. I'm so tired of having all this music lying around that I've been meaning to share on here for months and constantly having the nagging thought that I should be working on posts for this blog lurking in the back of my mind. Basically, I'm going to stop trying to give a detailed description/review for every release I post. I'm just not good coming up with those things, it makes the whole process of posting stuff on here more painful and drawn-out than it should be, and it seems pretty unnecessary anyway. I don't see myself deviating from goregrind/gorenoise much, so you should pretty much know what to expect. I'll still talk about stuff like whether a release is available anywhere and whatever other information seems relevant/whatever else I may feel like ranting about (if anything). It should make things easier for me so that I can start posting more regularly, which seems like a good thing for everyone.