Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bacteriophagia - A Complete Discography of Diseased Discharges

As you probably already know, Bacteriophagia is the project that existed for just a brief time before becoming Vomitoma. As suggested by the title, this compilation collects everything Styv recorded for Bacteriophagia. The insert regrettably gives no indication of which releases the tracks came from, so with the help of Discogs I put together my own (admittedly imperfect) breakdown of the tracks.

Tracks 1-8 are from the Parasitic Teratoma
Tracks 9-21 are from An Orgy of Disease (17 and 19 also appeared on the Sarcoma Fermentation / Bacteriophagia split)
Tracks 22-26 are from the Bacteriophagia / Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment split tape (22 also appeared on the Sarcoma Fermentation / Bacteriophagia split. 23 and 25 also appeared on the Bacteriophagia / Malaria split)
Tracks 27-46 are from the Bacteriophagia / Malaria split tape
Tracks 47-53 are from the Sarcoma Fermentation / Bacteriophagia split tape

There's also a Urinary Dysfunction / Bacteriophagia split that seems to consist of random tracks from all the other releases. For whatever reason, some of the tracks were renamed on that split, so I can't really account for them.

This discography was put out by Running Through the Blood and has long since sold out from there, but Diabolic Force has a copy or two.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

PBSWOF mass post #2

I hope you like Perforated Bowel Syndrome With Oozing Faeces because here's a lot more of it, and there's still a lot on the way too. These were all released in late April of this year.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Black Putrefaction / Grotesque Deformities

Some Black Putrefaction releases aren't too hard to find downloads for if you know where to look (a few can be found in this post, though this person has an annoying habit - or at least a habit that I find annoying - of grouping things together in self-made anthologies). For whatever reason, stuff by Grotesque Deformities is harder to find, but I was able to track down their side of this split on Soulseek. In contrast with Black Putrefaction's experimental and atmospheric take on gorenoise, Grotesque Deformities is pure bludgeon. It seems heavier and less noisecore-influenced than I'm used to hearing from Adam Rotella, but I like it. The insert for this split lists eight Grotesque Deformities tracks, but there are actually ten, the last two being untitled bonus tracks I guess. 

P.S. My birthday is coming up. If anyone wants to send me gorenoise tapes or something, I totally wouldn't object

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Patisserie / Meatal Ulcer / Organs Tortured

Maybe I just didn't look hard enough, but it doesn't look like anyone has posted this split for download yet and I'm surprised. The Meatal Ulcer side can be found on Bandcamp here, but the Patisserie Bandcamp is frankly pretty unorganized and poorly maintained, and Organs Tortured doesn't seem to have much of an online presence at all. But anyway, this CD really has it all: hilarious/awesome cover art and title (Ride the Wings of Tomorrow's Universal Gore Friendship) and seventeen quality goregrind tracks. Meatal Ulcer and Patisserie are among the top artists in the goregrind scene currently, and while Organs Tortured isn't nearly as well known, their side proves to be no less solid than the other two.