Wednesday, January 27, 2016


For anyone who may read this that isn't aware, Styv Pekari recently started a new label called World-Wide Suicide and he's currently trying to raise money for putting out his upcoming releases. He's selling tapes, CDs and CDrs, buttons, patches, a pair of shirts, and a single seven inch (the Gruesome Toilet / Grotesque Deformities split, naturally). He has a lot of cool stuff for sale and I have no idea how many copies of each thing he has, so if you see anything you're interested in, it would probably be best not to hesitate. Also, if you want to help out but aren't interested in anything he has for sale, you could always buy something as a present for me. :3
Releases he's announced so far include a Vomitoma / Pulmonary Fibrosis split, a Rottend Stuk Vrouwenvlees discography, and a re-release of the Cystgurgle / Vomitoma / Black Putrefaction split on tape. You can see the rest on the Facebook page.

P.S. Sorry about the music posts continuing to be few and far between. I'll see if I can actually get some stuff put up here in the foreseeable future.