Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots

Here are two releases by Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots. Purulent Pile of Autopsy Scraps and A Biogangliocystadenomyostomic Sado-Surgery are their names (what a mouthful). They have 87 untitled songs between them and have a combined duration of an hour and thirteen minutes. Enjoy!
I also have three splits by UTIFSPC that I'll be posting at some point, and I currently have an RSSP order pending, so I might be getting some more stuff by this project soon-ish. We'll see.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reclusa - The Upstairs Light

I'll assume everyone that visits this blog is already familiar with Reclusa and skip the introduction. All three songs from this EP have been posted on the Reclusa Facebook page, but they haven't been put up for download anywhere, as far as I know. If Styv finds out I've done this he'll probably kill me, so wish me luck. Sorry about the long period of silence.

P.S. It appears that there's still a single copy of this available from Diabolic Force, in case anyone is interested.