Sunday, May 31, 2015

Epiploenterocele Pusliquid Wormchunk / Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering

I can't remember if Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering is a one-person project or if it has two or three members. Not that it really matters, but I seem to have more to say about EPW, so I'm just trying to take up some space here so that the half-assed descriptions for each band will be closer to being equal in length. So yeah, HAS's side of this split is regrettably full of songs that are prefaced by porn samples. That particular trope of goregrind/gorenoise really doesn't do it for me, but the music itself is decent enough.
Man, it took me a while to be able to remember Epiploenterocele Pusliquid Wormchunk's name. I guess it's not as bad as Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis, but I remember looking at EPW's name one time when I was really tired, I guess around when I'd first discovered them, and I just couldn't process the first word at all. Anyway, this side of the split possesses some genuinely disgusting, slurpy vocals, or what passes as vocals anyway. I'm not certain that it is any sound made by a human voice, considering that it sounds more like a person blowing bubbles in a glass of water or something. Okay, so people probably say stuff like that about goregrind vocals all the time, but this is well removed from what pitch-shifted vocals typically sound like. You have to hear it, man.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

4-way gorenoise split

Here we have a split by two Bobby Maggard projects (Carcinomas of Unknown Primary Origin and Hydrocephalus) and two Bob Macabre projects (Agonizing Excess Bowel Acid Dissolving the Intestines Causing Massive Organ Trauma and Rectal Abscess Infection Discharge). I didn't write the names of the projects in the post title like I normally do due to the fact that one of the names is long as fuck and two of the others are also fairly long.
The bands' playing times are strangely unbalanced, with Agonizing Excess taking up over half the disc at 25 minutes. Hydrocephalus and Carcinomas follow with 11 and a half minutes and six minutes respectively, while RAID has a mere two and a half minutes.


(edit 10-29-16) I can't fucking believe someone added this release to Discogs and actually used "4-way gorenoise split" as the title. I guess I should have made it clearer that wasn't the real title of the release. I may fix that myself sometime.