Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Teenage Suicide was announced to be officially over yesterday. It wasn't a surprise or anything, since Mankeulv, the sole member of Teenage Suicide, had previously expressed intentions to lay the project to rest after the release of its third full length. Still, it was kind of a sad thing for me. Teenage
Suicide was one of the very best black metal bands I've heard in the last few years, and yet was virtually unknown as far as I know. In general I'm not the biggest black metal fan, to be honest. I like it well enough, but it's hard to find bands that truly please me. Teenage Suicide succeeds by mixing its black metal with noise, hardcore, and grindcore influences, and even some slight symphonic touches and executing the combination very effectively. In addition to announcing the end of Teenage Suicide, they included a link to download all of their music, which I'm reposting here.
One more thing: Mankeulv also has an eponymous power electronics project, which will be releasing its self-titled album sometime in the near future. I'll include a link to Mankeulv's Bandcamp page as well. They're one of the best artists in power electronics right now, and are regrettably overlooked just like Teenage Suicide was.