Sunday, April 26, 2015


I'll post another thing tonight in an attempt to make up for almost three weeks of silence. Everyone needs more stuff by TCITCS in their lives, right? This was released in early 2013, which was unfortunately the second to last year of the band's existence. Even more unfortunately, Scarlett Sessions, who played bass for thecorpseinthecrawlspace died at the beginning of this month. May she rest in peace.

One-Armed Pancreatic Surgery / Infester

Notable things about this split:
Goddamn, typing out overly long song titles is not an enjoyable task. I may put a button for donations somewhere in the hope that one day I can sell out and hire someone to do stuff like that for me.
Anyway, on a more positive note it was nice to hear new stuff by the Love Doctor. Not exactly new, since this split is apparently from mid 2013, but it was something I hadn't heard before. One-Armed Pancreatic Surgery might just be my very favorite name of any of his projects, also. I'm still sad that he took down the Necrotic Jejunostomy Bandcamp page two years ago and that I didn't download more stuff from it before that happened. In fact, maybe I'll post the NxJx releases that I do have at some point in the future. It's an idea that I'll keep in mind, at least.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Undocumented Forensic Experiments - Demo #1

More gore. Undocumented Forensic Experiments isn't active anymore, but this demo is still available, as well as a split with Infester and another release called Cumhungry German Bondage Goo Service Sluts From Beyond Hymenjuice Fuckliquid Hell ( comment).
I'm going to try to keep the text fairly minimal on these posts. Anything involving Bobby Maggard shouldn't need much of an introduction since he's arguably one of the biggest artists in the goregrind/gorenoise underground and surely the most prolific.